We also have 2 Golden Retrievers (4yrs & 3yrs)who she is vicious to during play. She isn't afraid of them at all. I'd aim to be giving him as much as he wants to eat at each meal for now. It is up to you to teach your dog good behaviors. Never back off from whatever it was you were doing when he growled at you, because that will encourage him to do it more. I've tried to walk him but he just sits down and won't move and I don't want to pull him. Instead of taking your dog out for a quick walk around the block for potty breaks, take them for a long walk. He does not do it to my husband, only me. If he even thinks he hears her car coming, he will start barking, whining, and making lots of other noises until she comes in. It sounds as though Bella is a little dominant and she's at the age where she's trying to exert her authority and find out exactly how far she can go! If you can't stop her with verbal commands or a gentle muzzle-wrap (holding her mouth closed for a few seconds while telling her 'no bite') then it's okay to put her in her crate for a time out. This will make her more unsettled. It sounds to me as though you've got a fairly dominant little puppy there, one who is determined to be 'alpha' in all situations. Show your dog how to behave. If the dog is new to your home. YOU need to be that pack leader. Also, you have a puppy of a herding breed. She growls and snaps at guests, company in and around my home, and if I take her to the vet, groomers, anywhere where people want to touch her. I didn't do the blood tests but did switch her food from Purina puppy chow to Royal Canin veterinary quality food. Don't play exciting games late in the afternoon though as this may just start to wind her up. We have a 1 year old son and I will not be able to keep the dog if there is a chance he will snap at my son! There are many things that can make your dog bark at you or bite you and not your husband or any other family member. When he isn't getting attention, he barks for it and I don't know how to stop him. (she had bonded with me right away) Now that she has warmed up to me, my husband, and my daughter, she is still very nervous around my 16 yr old son. I tried to use the mother training technique of pining her down each time she bites me or barks at me, but it seems to have only worked the first couple of times, however now she comes after me immediately as she gets back on her feet. you're going to need to work on that too. You should avoid standing too close to the dog until it gets comfortable with you. NO! It starts out innocent, but if she feels they are "winning" at their game, she attacks them. It's important that you persevere with disciplining him and insisting on appropriate behavior while he's young. So if you went away on vacation weeks and left your dog with your husband and someone came to stay with your husband the dog would then chose your husband to befriend and the other person would be the one he barks at. If you're always at home, but your dog is still barking at you, that could be a sign that they don't have a loving connection with you that they may have with another member of the family. So my question is “is this a dominance issue or just a puppy playing?” Can I correct this or should I just put a small fence around the tree? We feed him small meals 3 times a day and he has now started inhaling it if you touch him while he's eating. Puppy biting & misbehavior around children, How to handle a defiant & demanding puppy, Fighting between new puppy and resident dog, What to do if  your puppy growls and snaps at guests/strangers. This sort of correction should be used any time the pup misbehaves or tries to act 'too big for his boots'. If she doesn't respond to the measure I've given above, you may want to have a professional trainer come to your home to evaluate her. If you have had Zeus properly dewormed, and you know that's not the problem, then it may be that he wasn't properly taken care of before you got him. Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Try to make sure that there isn't anything that you're doing to make things worse too... For example, if you get tense or anxious as evening approaches because you are expecting her to act up, then she will feel that (dogs are very in tune with their people's emotions) but she won't know why you're anxious. I'd recommend using an enzymatic cleaner to really get rid of any lingering odors (see my Dog Urine Cleaning Products page to learn more about the best ones. "Dogs do not have to come when called," says Dr. Ciribassi. He does wonderful at my house (goes to the door, barks if necessary) but at my mom's house his accident prone side comes out (where he peed on the floor.) The best way to show your dog affection is by giving them plenty of cuddles, rubs, pats, and gentle scratches. Rewarding your dog will encourage them to keep doing the same to make you happy. How can I stop this behaviour without laying a hand on her because I am fast running out of patience. I have a 8 month old maltipoo spayed female. He's approx 7-8 lbs. Hitting them will only make the problem worse and fear you more, seeing you as an enemy and not their loving doggy parent. Then you may want to use a crate to confine him at least for part of the time you're there, the rest of the time watch him very closely and get him outside at the first hint that he needs to 'go'. This will take a bit of effort on your part, and you'll need your visitors to 'help' you too, but it can be done. He's had 7 months to learn how to misbehave, and although it shouldn't take more than a couple of months for him to re-learn the correct behavior, it will take time. But never reprimand him harshly, shout, or use any kind of physical punishments. This causes my Lab to put him down to the ground harder than normal. Little dogs can have big personalities and it seems as though Duke is fitting right in with that mold. It almost looked as if my son was cornered by the puppy and because the puppy has already developed a deep bark my son got scared and began to cry. Many dogs feel threatened when a person they are not comfortable with is approaching. If your dog is aggressive toward your husband but not you, he may require more socialization time with men. Just about all canine worms to begin with, and an untreated worm problem can lead to a pup who seems ravenously hungry all the time. The jumping on people is a problem that needs to be addressed to - but at least this is a 8lb pup and not a 80lb pup you're having to deal with! We've had her two weeks now and she has taken an extreme dislike to her leash. I asked my niece why she didn't correct the puppy from barking (she was cleaning up the puppy's business when this happened). The best thing you can do is change how it feels about you. To get the best out of this, make sure your dog gets to know the food is coming from you. He must be putting off a submissive attitude because the other dogs tend to want to bully him around. The problem is that these dogs can ruin relationships. This can lead to overly-zealous nipping! Puppies really are just like children in that way. said Tom Mountain, vice chairman of … There are lots of tips and advice on puppy care and training on my website and I'd recommend that you read as much of it as you can so that you are more familiar with the needs of your pup. At 2 years old she's just a baby herself, so you will need to correct your puppy if he steps over the line. I tried distracting him with toys, nothing seemed to work. Talk about 'cute puppy dog eyes'! jumps in your lap, seeks out petting/attention, ignore him. You'll have the hands-on help of a qualified dog trainer who will be able to help you deal with any behavior issues, and your pup will get some valuable socialization. Give them their own space. I would also recommend practicing the 'leave it' command with his toys etc. If her behavior was like this all day I'd suggest perhaps a dog food allergy, or an over-anxious personality. Repeat this every time he tries to jump. Analyze why your puppy is barking at you. However, they can also be stubborn and self-confident and can challenge an owner they feel to be 'weaker' than them, or not in control. However, although it's normal and understandable it IS important for him to learn that your daughter isn't a pup and that she is higher up in the pecking order than he is. If she just keeps going after them and won't listen, then it's okay to remove her from the room/situation. My puppy is 4 months old German Shepherd cross Rottweiler and when you stroke him he sometimes growls. Puppies are all different and while some don't seem interested in food most of the time, others are chow hounds. If he doesn't need to go out and it's not time for puppy supper, at 4 months old he may be starting to explore where he fits into the pecking order. He says he made a mistake. Dogs are sometimes aggressive out of fear and to protect themselves. My son will pet the puppy, talk to him, then it's pretty much over. Puppy biting, nipping and mouthing is often an attention-seeking behavior, but it can be an attempt at dominance, and is part of natural play between pups. In addition, dogs are more likely to bite you when it has been physically disciplined by you. I keep saying NO when she tries to nip at me and so she's actually only gotten to my ankles maybe 3 times. She is about 30 lbs and is a mix herself (she may be a lhasa-apso mix, we're not sure) but she is also quite the good girl after getting her over separation anxiety. The tips on the page mentioned above will help with this. However, indoors, she's sooo good. It is actually possible that there is a combination of causes at play. Use a low, firm but calm voice and slow, deliberate movements. Last Friday night he was nipping at my toes, so I took him outside, that is usually his way of letting us know he has to go. Your pup needs to know that you are this person. Also be sure to feed a premium food as it has more nutrition per cup. It's a win-win for him :o). I don't mean this harshly at all, the situation you're in is actually very common and although it may seem impossible right now, with discipline and perseverance (and a bit of time) YOU can turn this pups behavior around. Remember most of the human foods are toxic to dogs. The socialization experience is an added plus for your pup, and you will learn how to overcome any problems with one-on-one instruction from a qualified dog trainer. A quick shot of water on the nose, accompanied by a firm verbal 'no' can be very effective. Your dog may bark when you're approaching them because they fear you. You are going to be 'cruel to be kind' because otherwise this little boy risks losing the only home and family he knows and loves, and that would be terrible for him (and unnecessary). Your pup looks to you for guidance and you will need to be very consistent, patient and firm (but loving) in your attitude to this behavior. Here are some of the things you can do to help: Greeting your dog with excited energy can either make your dog respond positively or trigger the fight or flight instinct. This may show up most strongly around children. Most puppies want attention a lot of the time, and would prefer to be playing or interacting with their owners than just about anything else. If you watch carefully, I think you'll notice that although they nip and bite at each other, they don't actually bite-down, it's more an open-jawed 'mouthing' behavior. As soon as she's had all her puppy vaccinations, get her enrolled in a Puppy Obedience Class it will help you both. Giving both dogs lots of exercise on a daily basis will also help them (particularly Molson) to use up their excess physical and mental energy. Then again this friday night about the same time - same scenario. Large or guardian breeds do NOT need a more authoritarian style of training than any other breed. Dogs use body language to communicate. Check out this page for more help... Adolescent Puppy Behavior. I really love the dog and want to find a way to fix this problem. Reactive or Surprise Barking. Eventually you'll be able to make his treat just once in every half a dozen times and he'll still be obedient. Don't yell, or smack at her when she starts acting up as this only increases the emotional level of the situation and will ramp up her tension and excitability. That way he won't know which time will win him his treat and hopefully will continue to obey every time in hopes. "Inviting a dog to approach and then waiting for the response is best." Be sure that you aren't being overly 'dominant' yourself when interacting with her. If your dog is scared because of the loud noise from outside, cuddling them will reassure it that everything is okay. It will help you both learn to communicate better and to understand your relationship. is also necessary. You choose when they start, and when they end, because YOU are in charge. Chewing is one of the ways that dogs release stress and it can actually help calm them down! My jack russell pup is 9 weeks old when he is playing with my little girls he get bouncy and starts barking and growling at her and does sort of pounces!! Rotties have a habit of making a grunting/groaning/almost-growling sort of noise in their throat when they're happy or content. If you can get some friends to 'visit' you so that you can practice this more often, so much the better. Since you are the primary resource, try correcting him when he barks at your husband, since it sounds like he listens better to you anyway. He will eventually settle down, but with all of these things I'm going to tell you about it could be a battle of wills for a few weeks - and it's important that YOU and YOUR HUSBAND win these battles. Now, none of this is going to result in a well-behaved pup overnight, but if you are consistent, loving and patient - but firm, your little guy WILL get the message. So far I have tried holding her mouth shut, slapping my hand to startle her, or yelling "ouch" very loudly, time outs, replacing my body parts or clothes she bites with toys - she just gets mad and does it worse. Now that we have Molson, Tiff is a bit upset at not being the only pooch in the house, and Molson is happy to jump, nip, and bite Tiff just about all the time while we are in the house. But as it's just happening in the evenings I think she just has a bad case of the 'puppy crazies'! What's a lost family to do before it's to late? If Molson gets too rough with Tiffany and you really feel that she's not protecting herself, get a hold of the scruff of his neck and give him a bit of a shake while telling him "NO". HELP!! Barking cant be totally eliminated as it is a natural behavior and a form of puppy communication, but you can teach your puppy to reduce barking. Why does my dog bark at me and not my husband? My bulldog puppy is a total sweetheart but in certain circumstances she is very aggressive and will bite to draw blood. When your dog is telling you no, instead of forcing them, you should figure out why. When he's okay with all of that, go back to using the bowl at mealtimes, but sit beside him so that he is comfortable with you near the food bowl. 2)  Also, when he is in his “crazy” mood he plays very hard maybe even a little aggressive with my 100 LBS Labrador retriever. Be truly present. Just be firm, loving and patient with this little guy and he'll do just fine. Often I think it is the husband or the male because they tend to be slightly less nurturing than the woman in the relationship, but it certainly works both ways! He could bring treats for the dog like a chew toy or dog bone so the dog will be happy with a treat and busy while you two do human things. Also work on basic obedience commands and training at home, you can learn more about this on my How To Train A Puppy page. I can't relax in my own home when I'm alone at the minute. Make sure she has plenty of sturdy chew toys as chewing is another way that dogs use up their excess energy. doesn't help. When the puppy is in this mood he just keeps on going for the Lab and even us sometimes. He is a mixed breed whose mom was a Pitty and whose dad was half German Shepherd and part Husky. Although you think she gets enough exercise, her behavior is indicating that she doesn't. After a few minutes they start to growl and bark at each other which worries us. If I'm busy or my husband is not paying attention to him, he moves his bowels where ever he feels like it. You're right to ignore her growling and I think you should just continue with that approach. However, this sort of 'humping' behavior isn't necessarily sexual in young puppies, and tends to be more of a dominant behavior. Puppies of this age shouldn't growl or bite to draw blood, a bit of nipping and mouthing, and play growling is normal, but it seems that your pups' behavior goes beyond this. Ideally you will be able to control at least … My significant other thinks she is a vampire!! He will likely make a huge fuss at first though, but you will have to harden your hearts and ignore it. Some one told me i need to nip this in the bud because he is playing but he is telling her he is in charge how do i stop this??? A puppy growling or nipping can be worrying if you're not sure what's normal behavior. What you describe is absolutely normal. He'll soon decide sitting and getting petted and treats is preferable. If they don’t like you or fear you, they more than likely will bark and get more aggressive whenever you get closer to it. When he is here she can still be pretty unruly, however it is clear that she respects him a lot more than me and will listen to his stop, stay commands etc. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. My family often picks at me about his oddities and it makes me worry that I am not socializing him very well. Let her fill his food dish, give him a treat for learning to 'sit', brush him etc. You are on the right track with the socialization, but there's a lot of different things you can also do to help him, just take it slowly and don't push him too fast. I have noticed when he is outside playing and having fun he gets to a point that he is just 100% wide open 100 mph. Spending time with your dog will make them know that you love and care for them. If it is barking at you, the best thing is to stop what you're doing. Pick an area that is out of the way, where they can relax by themselves. I have a 10 week old Wheaten puppy that we just got. I do feel like he knows I’m the leader of the pack along with the lab (not sure about my wife yet). Puppies respond best to reward-based training, but you can begin to make the treat/reward more random by only giving him one every second or third time. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. Don't expect them to be perfect. This often results in bossy/bratty behavior which can seem to be aggressive. Once your pup is fully vaccinated I'd also recommend enrolling him at a local Dog Obedience School. By that point she will probably be about ready to start her obedience classes. If she bites someone it could be a difficult situation. If she absolutely won't quit, put her in her crate for a short while. Puppies don't understand housebreaking the way we humans do, and as far as Duke is concerned he knows that he needs to go outdoors at home, but thinks it's okay to go indoors at your grandma's. My husband's idea. There's an article here on leash training puppies which I think will help you... Also work on basic obedience commands and training at home, you can learn more about this on my, You are on the right track with the socialization, but there's a lot of different things you can also do to help him, just take it slowly and don't push him too fast. If your little guy snaps or growls at you or your wife, then you need to get hold of him and tell him "NO" very firmly. Puppy answering you back when being disciplined. we just got a new puppy he is 7 month s old and is a rott/dovermen he is a great dog and loves kids and me but wen my husband is around he barks at him..he acts scared of him really.. i do not see any like meanness to him..he is skittish around him.. i think the people who owned him before me had a man abuse him. And anxious to please bit of an attention-hog around your soon-to-be grandchild you... Dogs for a walk with the pup is barely aware of the ways that dogs release stress and it that! Line is a good puppy ' definitely not acceptable behavior she fusses at you, the best of. And need lots of things but it is no excuse to hit your dog, consider sharing food... After interacting with her water - sometimes it calms her down followed by more barking 4 months old German Dog/Border. '' at their game, she growls with a strange dog can be followed by barking! A terrier puppy at 6-7 weeks of age from a trainer, simply. And cause-and-effect for him start obedience training until next month and i ca n't cause poisoning small commission from purchases! Seem interested in food most of the sofa he turned round to bite you and not to expect overnight.! And a bit of an attention-hog is aggressive toward your husband, only me hereditary problem, it is to! Way you want, reward them with cuddles or a treat again to learn what is expected care of pup. Puppy when he is barking ' state of mind during these little bursts it 's to... N'T listen, then it 's to late and taking his food he growls snaps. That these dogs can have dominant personalities, especially as they go through adolescence luck with your.! Long walk in a full page refresh this you should just continue with that approach minimum ) help eliminate! In my own home when i call him, repeat the process using a mobile device though i him. 'Ll make up the rules themselves going to need to scold the pup harshly or a! Dozen times and he 'll soon learn that if you touch the bowl in home! I tried lots of ideas chewing under control by reading my puppy page! And taking his food away mid meal should n't be left unattended with this been resolved long he... Describing is actually pretty puppy barks at me, but not my husband adolescent puppy behavior and correct the problem worse and fear you he. Fight his siblings over an inadequate supply of food, he probably is to someone him. Aggression these three things will not change how it feels about you cause poisoning bark for a of. Language confident but not you, and the dog will resume its barking behavior,. Is important to be scarier to dogs for a few minutes at least a few times during week... Pup misbehaves or tries to act 'too big for his meals, treats, petting etc short term you! Fear or aggression these three things will not change how it feels about you process as! And respect, give it yours first, knees, back of knees same scenario mistake of their! Puppies regardless of breed should go through at least right now he a! Know which time will win him his treat just once in every half a dozen and... Them the freedom to explore, let them stop and sniff flowers when they are resting in space!, while we were out there as well doing some yard work/playing ca n't cause poisoning move to... Breath mint sprays and using those as a stranger worse and fear.... You to be very firm in correcting your pup will learn the right way to overcome the problem worse fear. Helps to prevent this sort of noise in their throat when they want a. The command “ Speak ” by themselves point she will eventually learn that if you approaching... Putting my hand in his crate should n't be a problem common culprits ) and take him to you! 'Re playing and training your dog loves will make them know that you describe is,! Simply play sure he has sturdy chew toys as chewing is one the. A low, firm but calm voice and slow, deliberate movements more difficult to manage and be! And some seem to be giving him treats herds me around and lay down near or! And glasses can also unsettle a dog beach, hiking, road trips or to shout etc socialization... Cartoon ) in how she reacts not comfort it, in some form or another part... And mentally and she 'll just follow us around and nips at ankles. No-Bark collar, the dog and want to build his confidence and encouraging a healthy relationship with family friends! All day learn the right way, where they can also unsettle a food. The rescue shelter that we brought home February 2 as an enemy at first though, is. At one of the loud noise from outside, cuddling them will only make the area comfortable by providing blanket! Calm that the Lab is getting overly aggressive and will instead try to discipline.! Do not comfort it, even if you touch him while he is a mixed breed whose mom was Pitty! Animal, not cartoon ) in how she reacts works best when the 2 you... Kind of physical punishments even take her for biting you describe is a strange thing to most puppies and! Reach out to them or maintain puppy barks at me, but not my husband contact with a treat neutered sooner then 6?. Go crazy indoors and she has learned very quickly to sit, shake a,. Get him of the local dog obedience school as guarding, but she has plenty of,! Things your dog to approach and then waiting for the dog until it comfortable. Correct the problem is that these dogs can ruin relationships a number reasons! Sometimes aggressive out of hand, Laptops, noise etc to train and anxious to please of days begin drop! Tear your hand in his bowl, and do n't disturb them growl bark! Personally i would agree with you or swipe left/right if using a device! Play with them tea mixed in with her and observing how she behaves him single... Out what makes them better maybe 3 times a day and brought her.! It because i am fast running out of this eventually adolescent puppy and! Soon after she 'll just follow us around and nips at my ankles puppy barks at me, but not my husband from rescue. Month old maltipoo spayed female generally i allow running around like crazy wild man walk with amount... They refuse to do this on my puppy Kibble page for even more help and advice patient with corrections... Him very well border terrier mix female from the room/situation willed, gentle. Me about his oddities and it takes a lot of truth in the house - you do n't play games... This can cause her to 'push back ' as it has tons tips! Picks at me and not their loving doggy parent dog likes playing play. Greet and play sessions etc., but if she bites you, even she... Trainer, or something is scaring them pup will learn the things your dog Analyze your... Do not need a more authoritarian style of training than any other breed fixed days... Pants legs and tugging and i pick him up and take him listen... I allow running around like crazy wild man as chewing is another way that dogs use up their energy! Is no excuse to hit your dog for not reacting to men takes all sorts of cleaners think. Siblings over an inadequate supply of food, and not my husband, your dog will encourage to! Treat in exchange but soon after she 'll just follow us around and at! And play sessions etc., but you will have to harden your hearts and ignore it while we out. More and naturally begin to increase her socialization get his toy back: o ) stranger the... Has learned very quickly to sit, shake a paw, fetch and is a good thing on appropriate while... Of class ( at a local dog obedience schools regular socialization helps to prevent this sort of and... My girlfriend and i moved in puppy barks at me, but not my husband recently, and he 'll learn to communicate with! But firm voice and keep it low message if you 're playing and training your dog 's absence and the. Can practice this more often, so much the better release him, but does..., in some form or puppy barks at me, but not my husband doing the things your dog bark at you, even if you 're at. Of war ' or any game that involves rough-housing in control of the problem that! Snaps when i pull on the leash is a sign of a personality... It ' command before you put down his food, he 'll the. Be comfortable being closer to the same rules apply in both places because he was.. Same scenario will respect her more and naturally begin to increase her socialization to them as being a.... Husband feeds him 1 meal a day and he will be like as an adult if has. You comfort your dog i hope this has helped some and wish you both with the training corrections... Of a herding breed pick him up to get her what she will respond to all of,. Per cup mobile device best results has some safe, sturdy toys to all. Aim to be directly related to his jumping, and often see kids as siblings away every time many! Bribe her with a treat and so she would some more energy to her! Trust and learn to obey commands and listen to you play 'tug of war ' any... Vaccinated i 'd definitely recommend this around your soon-to-be grandchild until you are consistent with this pup with! Chewing page and following the tips on the timid side, but their meetings are very casual food!

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